The Ultimate Appliance Tips Cheat Sheet.

What would happen if you did not change the oil on your car?

539274395_d73ab6501c_mWhat would happen if you did not go to the dentist?

Appliances are not that different.  But do you really know what someone needs to do to keep them from breaking down?

Would you be happy if you could save money and keep your appliances running with out spending all your extra cash?

There are very specific things that we has appliance owners can do regularly that will help them last longer and work more efficiently, some of these things you have heard me talk about them before.

Appliance Tips : how to keep those appliances run their best!

  1. Clean your appliances regularly – weather if it is a refrigerator oven or dryer, keeping them clean will keep the stuff out of the system which will make sure their motors fans and such have nothing to get stuck in them.
  2. Only use them for what they are intended, do not put items in them that don’t belong.  For instance always check your pockets for pens and pencils so it does not clog your washer and dryer.
  3. Have them regularly maintained by a professional.  Your appliances need to be maintained yearly by a professional that will help get the junk out and make sure they are running efficiently.
  4. Keep young kids away from your appliances, not only can they hurt them selves but they can do serious damage to your appliances.
  5. Make sure your appliances have surge protection on them, you need this on all of your appliances including your oven, dryer and any of your large household appliances.
  6. Clean the lent out of the vent of you home at least once every year by a professional.  Lent  is the number contributor towards house fires today.
  7. Never use your appliances when you are  not home or asleep.

For more tips tricks and traps to help with our homes and the appliances in them