7 Simple Steps To Pick Your Next Refrigerator

Refrigerator Brands

Here are some brands to do research on.  We do not recommend most of these.  Do your research before you spend money.  Also if you have questions call the office and someone can help. 


How to pick a refrigerator that will work for your family in 10 simple steps

Choosing a refrigerator that is best for your family is very important.  

Not all refrigerators are equal and some are not worth the money they are charging to buy.  Having a great kitchen and garage refrigerator can save your family a lot of money.

When your refrigerator stops working the money you lose is not just about the cost to repair or replace it.  It is also the food that you have invested money into and the time that will be spent getting it working.  


How to pick the best refrigerator for your family?


Appliances are on sale, but is it worth buying something new?

This is the time of year that those new appliances go on sale and people I know that start calling the office with the same questions.  What should I look for in a new appliance?  Is there a specific brand that you recommend buying?   Should I get a side by side fridge or a french door?


We can talk about brands later, but the question I want to work on is which type of fridge is better for you.


My refrigerator situation: 

In fact, my husband has been looking for a different fridge for the house as of lately.  Not because my machine is not working well.  It works like a dream.  It is older ( was made in the 90's) and it has never really given me trouble.   Now I do keep the maintenance up on my appliances and I have a whole house surge protector on my home.  So my appliances will not be affected by surges and dirty electricity.  But our needs have changed, my Mom moved in with us and we have a lot of people who use the fridge and we are running out of space.


He would like to get an older french door so we can have more space for meat and vegetables since we eat very clean.  For me to find the fridge we are wanting, I can not just go down the street to my local warehouse and pick one up.   First of all, they have is new appliances with lots of computer boards. Second, the prices they charge are over what I am willing to pay.   I want something that was made early 2000's and something that is well made.  That is a tall order to fill. 


But back to what you could be looking for since you are looking for a newer appliance. here are some ideas on how to pick one. 


7 simple steps to picking your perfect refrigerator


  1.  Don't pick an appliance based on features unless you can afford them - new features take more parts and typically speaking they are the first thing to break.   If you are buying a brand new refrigerator make sure you buy the extended warranty or your appliance will be not covered usually 1 year from purchase date.  
  2. Look at how many years the appliance you are looking at has been in production.  Each brand has lots of different models a model that lasts the test of time probably will have less trouble than one that is first years model. 
  3. Look at how sturdy the doors and drawers feel - lots of manufacturers put less money into the parts that hold things together and more into features.  Which means if you have a younger person using it, they could pull it out and break it.   I have no idea how many of these we see every day! 
  4. Have a backup refrigerator in the garage!  If you are buying a new refrigerator, have a backup older machine in your garage or laundry room.   This can save you tons of money when the new one stops working. 
  5. Put a whole house surge protector on your home - a whole house surge protector will protect those computer boards in the machine and your pocketbook.
  6. Pick something that is well made and works with the food you typically use.  Don't put to much weight in drawers to where they squeak or make funny noises. 
  7. Pick something that you like the way it looks and works.   If you don't like it don't get it.  The best appliance out there is not for you if it is something you can not use. 


What do you do with your fridge when it breaks and you don’t have time to get it fixed?

Are you having trouble with your fridge or another appliance?

In today's world, we have so many things that are putting pressure on our schedules.  

Making the right choice for your appliance and your family is important and can be the difference in wasting money or not. Not all appliances should be repaired, but letting an appliance run while it is broken can create more problems.


There is nothing worse than waking up to a hot fridge and spoiled food! It does not matter what time of year it is, there is never a good time to have an appliance that is not working. But there are worse times, when you are totally time broke and need help getting through until you can get it fixed.

So what are the things that we can wait to fix, and what are things that cannot wait because they will cost us more in the long run. There are also things that cannot wait because they have the potential to create unnatural disasters in our home.

Are you having trouble with your fridge or another appliance?

Remember the longer it takes to get an appliance working again lowers the length of time you will have it working in your home. The best policy is to get a professional to look at it as soon as possible!



Appliance Repair, Appliance Trouble, Refrigerator Trounble

Are you having trouble with your fridge or another appliance?

1. Never run an appliance if it is making loud noises, and you don’t know is causing the noise. I understand if you do not have time to get it fixed now, but don’t run it unless you know what the noise is and if it will not do further damage or create additional problems.
2. Turn off the water to your washer or dishwasher if there is unexplained leak – the only way to stop leaks is to stop the source of the leak. Do not wait for the leak to get larger to fix it, it can flood your house and cost you big time. If you do not have time today to fix it, stop the leak before the leak gets larger.
3. Take your food out of a hot fridge before it starts to ruin, or put dry ice in the fridge and freezer so that it will stay cold enough, giving you time to get an appliance repair person out to fix it before you lose the money you put into the food.
4. Remember you don’t have to be the one who does it all - We are all very busy and having an appliance that breaks down can be just another thing to put on your time. There are other people who can help with your home issues. My recommendation is for you find someone local that you trust that can sit in your home in your stead when you're busy with work or family, to get that appliance fixed. Maybe you can get a neighbor that is at home during the day or someone who is looking for a job. Give them a predetermined amount of money, when they house sit for you.

How to help your washing machine and dryer survive football season this and every year.

Protect your washing machine from dirty football or soccer uniforms.

Fall is upon us with all that includes. Like football Fridays, sports, parties and more. But our appliances can get a beating with the kids running here and there.

The laundry room can be abused by overuse. Keeping your washing machine working well is a priority during this time. Having lots of extra dirty football, soccer, dance, and school uniforms can be tiring not just for the parents but the appliances that they are using.

I am a Mom with a large family, and having lots of extra dirty laundry is something I remember well. But there are things that can be done during this time to keep that dryer drying and the washer spinning and cleaning.

I know that your washing machine is probably the last thing on your mind. But keeping it run great, will save you money and time.



Help Your Washer Survive Football Season.

Here are some ideas to help keep your washer and dryer working with out issues.

1. Always check your pockets before putting items in the washer – You never know what someone has left in their pocket. It can be a pen or pencil, which can do internal damage to both your washer and your dryer. But cars or electronics are equally as damaging to the machine. Letting loose change go into the machine can cost you more than the change you lost.

2. Never use the plastic covered soap into your washing machine. The plastic does not dissolve and can cause clogs in both your washing machine and dryer , this can create a flood in your laundry room. But it also can do damage in your dryer.

3. Look at every item that goes in your machine before you put it in. Shake out the mud , put pre-washing on extra dirty stains as well as make sure it is something that goes in a washing machine. This will save you money. The harder your appliances work, the easier it is to break,

4. Maintain your appliances yearly, having a good appliance company and maintain your appliances properly on annual bases will keep them running better and longer. It will not mean things won’t wear out, but it means you should avoid very expensive repairs.

5. Front Load Washing Machines need to be dried out after your done with your laundry every time and leave the door open. A closed wet machine can grow mold and start stinking.

6. Put a whole house surge protector on your home if you have any appliances that were made after 2005. New appliances have control boards in them that will go out when surges and dirty electricity hits them to many times. The average home in Texas is hit with about 20 surges a day. This can save you thousands of dollars.

7. Use less soap – soap does not work in your appliances the way you think. Less is more in fact that soap does build up in your machine and cause trouble. So using less and proper type for your washer is vital to keeping that machine lasting longer.


Like I said before I know that your washing machine is probably the last thing on your mind. But keeping it run great, will save you money and time.


When lightning strikes – how our appliances can pay the price. | lightning stikes

Protect Your Home From Lightning

Lightning is a force of nature that can take out all of your appliances in one strike if you do not prepare for it. 

Lightning is a normal part of life in North Texas, we see it every spring and often other seasons as well.  You never know when it will be here and what the damage happen when it's gone.

This last week I got a call from a very sweet lady who was seriously affected by a storm that can though the North Dallas area.   She called me in tears from the results of the storm it took out here pool equipment her air conditioner and some of her appliances were acting up.  She told me she had already spent over $10,000 on replacing things the lighting strike took out.  But there is a better way, we can all protect our homes from lightning strikes, dirty electricity and surges not just some of the time but all the time.  It breaks my heart when I hear these stories! I want to shout it from the rooftops - you can protect your electronics! You don't have to leave your appliances vulnerable to storms and electricity  mad! 

If you look at any new appliances that are at the store it will be filled with computer boards, electronics and things that do not like lightning strikes.  But you can take specific actions to protect your appliances before the storms arrive. 

4 Things To Do Before The Storms Arrive - Protect Your Home

  1. Protect your appliances and home with a whole house surge protector - the reason we offer this is because it helps us protect the appliances of beloved clients.  Our job is to keep our clients working great without repairs for as much as possible.  We want you to protect your home before the storm arrives. 
  2. Protect your home at all entrances of a phone line, television line, and internet line- Any place where these types of connections enter your home give a lightning strike a small chance of entering your home.  With the newer refrigerators that have internet connections attached to them, it would be a good idea to shore up the connection with a surge protector for that specifically. 
  3. Have a backup generator on hand for those times when we lose electricity for hours or days - In Texas after a storm as you know we can have city-wide brown outs.  These, of course, are not by anyone persons' choice, it's simply because the electricity lines have been disrupted or knocked down and have to be put back up.  Having a generator will not just protect your appliances but  keep your  working and keep your family comfortable. 
  4. Protect Your Appliances with The A+ Service & Maintenance Program - Maintain your appliances and protect them from outages. 

Are Your Appliances Ready For Summer?

Summer Appliance Care/ Appliance Repair Experts Plano/ Aplus Certified Appliance
Summer Jazz Fest/ Get Ready To Protect Your Appliances/ Summer Fun
Protect Your Appliances This Summer

Eight Things You Can Do Now To Protect Your Appliances From A Long Hot Amazing Summer.

Living in the North Dallas area, we all know to well that eventually it will get over 100 degrees and our pools will be used often. Summer will be here! Kids having lots of fun and spending time going from one thing to the next. But for our families to work well we need our appliances to run with out problems.  So how can we keep our appliances running great?  We need a plan! 


Keep the appliances running great this summer plan:

  1. Keep Your Refrigerator door closed when it's not in use - a open door can overwork the compressor. Refrigerators are more likely to have problems in summer than any other time of the year.  
  2. When you take your summer family vacation, never turn your air conditioning off or raise the temperature. This will put your refrigerator in danger of overworking and the compressor shutting down. I hate it when my clients come home to a refrigerator that has completely defrosted and full of food that is no longer any good. 
  3. Have your appliances professionally maintained before you leave for vacation - this needs to be done at least once per year. It will protect your appliances and save you money.  
  4. Make sure the kids close your doors on your home when they come in or outside.   The heat will over work your air conditioner, ice makers, refrigerators and wine coolers.   
  5. Protect you whole home with a whole house surge protector.  All of our homes are hit with an average of 20 surges every single day.  This wears down all of the electronics in our appliances.  It can and will save you serious money and time.  Prevention in your appliance care is just as important as it is in your car. 
  6. Use your dishwasher at least once a week.  When you and your family leave for a prolonged vacation out of the area, have a friend or family member run the dishwasher once every 7 days. It will prevent leaks and keep it running better. 
  7. Check all the pockets of the clothes before they go in the washing machine.  During the summer we are all doing more fun things which means we can have the strangest items left in our pockets.  Those items can do damage to your washer and dryer. 
  8. Make sure someone checks your home out at least once a week.  Get them to run the dishwasher, check the mail. and all of your appliances, pool and air conditioning. 
  9. Turn off the water at the street before you leave town. This will prevent floods! (Keep in mind if you are on a prolonged vacation that the person watching your house will have to turn it back on temporarily to run your dishwahser)

What is your idea of a great summer?


Will You Have An Appliance Break This Summer? 


In Texas, summer always comes early. With our weather, we want to have cold beverages in the fridge and the ability to have our favorite outfit washed and ready.  But for that to happen our appliances must continue to work properly.  Those appliances also are under attack by hot weather, over use, under care and all those surges that hit our homes every single day. So, no matter if you are going to take a great vacation or not, there are some things you need to do to protect your appliances. 


You need your appliances to be ready for the summer.  No matter what your idea of a great summer is, my idea is keep your appliances running without problems.  The one appliance that is hit hardest in the summer is the fridge. I see more refrigerators that need to be repaired or replaced in the summer than any other time of the year.  But there are things you can do right now as summer is looming.  


I do not want you to have to stay home all summer because of an unexpected extra expense or go on vacation to come home to appliances that are no longer working.  

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Can I trust my Samsung refrigerator with the food I am putting in it?

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Seven Things To Watch Out For In Your Samsung Refrigerator



Having a reliable refrigerator in your kitchen is the difference in a kitchen that works.  When that fridge stops working the kitchen in closed for business.   Picking a the right fridge is very important.  Knowing what to look out for in the fridge is also important.   Samsung has made one of the most beautiful feature rich refrigerators in resent years.  I totally understand why you might pick this appliance to be in your home.  We are always looking to improve our lifestyles with out taking more time out of our days.   This machine promises just that.  But there are things you should be careful of and times you should call your appliance expert out to look at your fridge as soon as possible. 

Samsung Refrigerator Care Things to watch out for/ Samsung Refrigerator Repair Plano TX
Samsung Appliance Repair/ Appliance Repair Plano TX/ A+ Certified Appliance

Samsung is very known for specific problems and watching out for them in advance can save you money and time for years to come. 

  • Stock up on water filters for your specific machine.  Often they will stop making water filters and you can only buy generic filters which can do damage to your appliance that will need to be repaired for the ice and water to work. 
  • Listen for unusual noises including water dripping, wind or  simply it being overly quiet.  Knowing what noises your refrigerator makes everyday will give you a hint when things are starting to go wrong.  I recommend calling your technician out when that happens so you do not loose food and cost your family more money to replace the food and possibly the refrigerator.
  • Have a back up refrigerator in the garage or in another location in case you need to move the food quickly.  This is not just for Samsung refrigerators but any brand.  It will save you money and time again.   I hate it when my clients lose food. 
  • Put a temperature gauge in your Samsung refrigerator no mater if it is a side by side or french door.  Knowing how your appliance runs everyday will help you see when something is getting ready to stop working. 


  • Know where you can buy dry ice locally.   When your Samsung fridge stops working put dry ice in the bottom of the fridge and freezer so you don't lose food in your refrigerator that is left in the appliance. 
  • Ask questions of your appliance expert :  make sure you create a relationship with a a local appliance expert that is willing to answer questions you have about your refrigerator.  Knowing who to ask before something goes wrong will help you keep your refrigerator running great for years to come.  
  • Create a back up plan in case your refrigerator stops working when you are out of town or not at home.  This is will save you money and give your family the knowledge on what to do in case of an emergency. 

How To Clean Your Viking Range and Protect It From Problems. | Viking Oven

Do you have more questions about your Viking Appliance?  

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How To Clean Your Viking Oven / Appliance Repair Dallas/ A + Certified Appliance

Preventing Problems In Your Viking Oven

A Viking Oven is a very beautiful appliance.


But just like all ovens when you use them they get dirty. Now with your Viking it comes with many features that different simply because of the price that you have paid. But if you are not careful then it can break when you are cleaning it just like most self cleaning ovens.  There are some things you can do and not do that you can prevent problems especially when you need it to work.   

Don't clean it right before you are going to cook that big meal.  Last Thanksgiving, I had a client who cleaned her Viking Stove the day before she was going to start cooking her Thanksgiving meal.  She has a large family and it takes time to get it finished.  In the process of that her oven stopped working.   The problem with Viking is getting parts quickly.   It took us longer to get the parts and her Thanksgiving plans had to be changed very quickly.  I recommend you  clean it after a big meal and not before.  

Before you self clean your Viking Oven stop and ask your self a question.  Do I have my oven and other appliances properly protected from surges?  When you self clean your viking oven if you do not have it protected from surges it can pull too much electricity and do internal damage to different parts of even computer boards that can cost you big time.  I recommend before you self clean your Viking Oven you get a a whole house surge protector installed in your home

Protect your oven from spills by using liners and other items.  If your oven is clean today and you are wanting to know how to maintain it with out having to self clean.  There are some excellent items you can purchase from stores such as amazon to protect your appliance.  It will make it easier to keep it clean which if it does not get dirty it will keep the dirt away.  I wish I was better at keeping my oven cleaner than I am. 

Some things to think about before buying A Viking Oven or Appliance.

Its going to cost more to service and repair them.  - Viking Appliances are complicated and it takes more money to fix and repair. 

Its more of a challenge to find qualified technicians to work on them.  Finding technicians that have worked on Viking and still work on them is difficult to do.  Viking does not work through the normal channels that other appliance manufacturing companies do which makes it more work on the small business person and their will be fees because of that. 

Its harder to find parts and have them available. Most brands work through parts houses that are local or semi local.  Viking does not currently work through these and it takes longer for your appliance technicians to order the parts and get them in hand.  Viking also does not have many parts available for long periods of time. 

Prepare your self for parts that are much higher than you think they will be. Viking is not cheap to buy and it will not be cheap to fix.  Prepare for double what you think you will spend.  Thinking in terms of more will give you a realistic view of what it will cost to fix. 

Before buying Viking or any other brand always check the consumer reports.  Viking does not have the best reputation and their is a reason for this. 

Have a back of plan in case you can not get parts for your Viking Oven.  Sometimes it can take up to a few months to get parts because Viking does not have them available.  I recommend having a back up stove or way to cook in case that happens to you. 



What to do when you have a hot fridge.

Here are some things to think about when your deciding to fix your hot fridge or not.

  1. How old is your fridge?  The newer the appliance the more likely it is to break.  I have older appliances and recommend you at least have a back up fridge that is over 10 years old.  This will give you a place to put your food when the newer model give you trouble.

  2. What brand is it?  Not all appliances are made the same.  In fact sometimes its better to spend less and have a better appliance.  Like I said before there are some appliances that will never recommend.  But that can change depending on is coming into the marketplace currently.

  3. Do you have a back up fridge?  Having a good back up is not just for the data on your computer but for your fridge.  I recommend having enough space in your garage refrigerator made to put the food in the indoor refrigerator when it stops working.  Having that space available will give you peace of mind.

  4. Are you maintain your refrigerator often enough? 50% of all appliance repairs could have been prevented simply by maintaining those appliances on an annual basis.  Its much like changing the oil on your car.  If you do not do it your car motor will lock up and stop working costing you thousands of dollars.  Your refrigerator needs maintaining.  If  you don't do it, the overuse of your compressor will cost you money.  Like I said before, I want my clients to know how to keep their appliances from breaking.  If I had everything I wanted appliances would be made properly so they last a very long time, like they did when I was a kid.

  5. Can you spot the computer boards on your refrigerator? Any place there is a digital read out there is a computer.  Anyplace there is knobs there is usually a computer board.  Computer boards are hiding in places that most people don't see.  Even the "old fashioned" looking washers and dryers that are being sold today have lots of computer boards.  With those boards you need surge protection. Our homes have an average of 20 surges in them everyday.  When there is construction in the area even more.  Those surges wear down our computer boards and will eventually break them.  The average computer board is probably somewhere around $300 and an appliance has up to 6 boards in it.  If all of those went out you would be forced to buy a new one.  A new refrigerator is what I consider expensive! I know most people don't just have $2000 just sitting around waiting to be spent.

  6. Today can be the change.   The way we work around that fridge can change today.  Today can be the day where you prevent an expensive refrigerator repair from coming your way.  Start by downloading our appliance tips sheet and doing these simple things to save yourself from big expense of buying a new fridge.


What to to with a hot refrigerator

hot fridge plano tx / expert refrigerator repair plano tx / aplus certified appliance

Trouble with that hot fridge?
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Is Your Refrigerator Hot?


A Hot Fridge Only Means Trouble If You Don't Know What To Do.

Have you ever woke to up to refrigerator that is not working? 

Is your refrigerator hot or maybe its leaking, or your ice maker is putting ice all of over the floor.  Our appliances are tools we have to help with different areas of our lives and families lives. But sometimes they stop working and cost us money time and energy.  I don't know about you but I hate waking up to a hot fridge. But I hate it more for my clients!

What do I do next?  Who do I call?  Should I fix it?  Should I go get a new one?  How much will this cost me?  Do I need to throw away my food? There is not a simple answer for every situation.  I want my  clients to have the ability to know what to do when the fridge gets hot and stops working.  Knowing how to keep from losing the food in our fridge is important, but it is also important to make the best decision for your family.  Knowing if buying a new fridge is the best choice or if repairing it would be better.  There are some appliances that should not be repaired. But there are also appliances that I would never buy.


What to do with my hot fridge?

Fix my hot Fridge Plano TX/ Hot Fridge Repair Plano TX/ APlus Certified Appliance Plano TX

What to do when my fridge gets hot?

Get Ready For Dallas Thunderstorms Today. | Dallas thuderstorms

Are you ready for the spring Dallas thunderstorms that will come through this year?

How I am protecting my family from Dallas thunderstorms that will come this year.

As a transplant to Dallas.  I have had a hard time getting used to the storms that happen every single spring and storm.  The storms come in with lightning, thunder, hail and flooding. But since I have been here almost 20 years I can say they almost do not effect me.  But the truth is they are dangerous and have the potential to do serious damage to our homes and those we love. So protecting our homes and yes our appliances is up to to us and it takes preventative care to do this.   We need to be ready for the storms to hit.  We need to understand what needs to be done and how they effect our lives.

I had a serious lesson on what not to do a couple years back when I left my car sitting in front of my house with a storm roaring in.  I left it there because my garage door was not working and I could not get my car put away.  I went with my hubby to pick up my youngest daughter and suddenly the storm turned into hail.  My car was hit pretty bad with the storm, simply because I was not prepared.   I learned what not to do.  How it is more important to be ready before the storm comes.

Dallas thunderstorms are not something to mess around with, having plan on what you and your family will do when they roll is crucial to a spring with out problems,  For anyone who has lived in the Dallas area for more than a couple years. Its not a shocker every spring when we the stormsappliance repair experts frisco tx/ protect your home / apluscertifiedapplaine come rolling in.

Dallas springs are mean thunderstorms will be here soon. Spring came early this year and I would not be shocked if we have extra tremulous weather coming our way. But we can protect ourselves even if we have not done preventative care there are some short term things that can be done.

Here are something I have done to prepare for spring and protect my family from Dallas Thunderstorms.

  1. Have a whole house surge protector installed into my home – this can protect not only my appliances but my family members.   
  2. Down load and install the weather app from WFAA and My Radar – these give me the up to date information even if I have to go into a storm shelter
  3. Have a plan on where you will be if in fact a tornado hits your home.  There are  shelters that  can be installed in your garage or in your bedroom. 
  4. 1. Have an emergency kit ready to take with with you where ever you go.  It needs essential items to help you be ready for any thing.  I put an extra cell phone shoes, a jacket food water and other items to protect my family. 
  5. Put those things like chairs and tables out side on the patio away in a storage place so they wont be thrown in the wind and break things like windows. 
  6. Put your car in the garage or under a shelter that will keep hail from hitting it.
  7.  Keep your pet and kids close to you and away from windows.
  8. Wear rubber bottomed shoes in case the need to be out in the elements.
  9. lose the blinds and secure the doors locked and closed.
  10. Keep a way to communicate with others close at hand
  11. Keep the news on your cell phone TV or laptop so you can be prepared at all time

I recommend you get prepared as soon as possible, spring is hear and wont wait for you to get ready for the next storm to come through our area.   Get ready  for Dallas Thunderstorms today!

90% of most people don’t know how to prevent kitchen fires. Do you?

20160211_163459What would you do if you oven or something else in your kitchen caught on fire?

Do you have a plan?  Would your family know what to do? 1 in 15 homes will have an appliance or kitchen fire this year.  Will it be in your home?

Our appliances are dangerous and we need to careful the way we operate and how we teach our children to operate around them. Preparing and prevention is key to not only understanding how a kitchen fire happens but keep it from happening.

Cooking is a fun time for me and my family.  My youngest daughter is addicted to Master Chef Jr and wants to learn how to do amazing things in the kitchen.   But that oven does pose threats not only to me but to her.  I am sure you might have kids who want to cook.  So here are something to keep in mind when those who you love are operating in and around the kitchen

How to think differently about your kitchen and kitchen fires:

  1. Keep things off the floor when cooking – having loose items in your kitchen can create a situation where someone trips and in so doing can catch their clothes or hair on fire.
  2. Never walk away from an oven or stove top that is on and cooking.  This is one of the top factors to kitchen fires.  Watching the pot boil is boring but can prevent serious injury to those who you love.
  3. Wear the right the clothing  – having lose or flowing clothes can be dangerous and catch on fire with of course can burn your skin face eyes and more.
  4. Fireworks are better outside – if you see sparks coming from your oven turn it off immediately and call your local appliance repair expert.
  5. Maintenance is the key – a dirty oven is in danger of catching on fire.  An in oven fire is containable but it can create an explosion in your kitchen as well.  Keep your oven as clean as possible.
  6. How many did you say?  Those computer boards in your oven can catch on fire when they are hit with surges.  So to prepare for that would take getting a whole house surge protector in your home.  Remember there are multiple computer boards in your oven and each one is not free.
  7. Its in the details – Make sure you have an appliance expert on hand that you can trust.  He or she can give you advice on if your oven is safe and if you should get a new one.
  8. Most oven fires start when?  Most oven or kitchen fires start when you are not expecting it. Prepare now and get the equipment you need to stop a fire in its tracks.

Kitchen fires are scary and can cost you thousands of dollars besides the lives of those who you love.