Refrigerator Tips

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Useful Refrigerator Tips That Will Save You Both Money and Time.

Refrigerator Tips - 10 Tips To Keep Your Refrigerator Working Great.

Home - The place that re energizes our lives.

Our homes should be places that help us get inspired, energized and refill our tanks.

For that to work, the energy in our homes must be available for growth and synergy.  Sometimes the stresses of typical life can stop that energy.  One of those areas can be our kitchen.  The center of our home is the kitchen and the center of that kitchen is the refrigerator.  It is most used appliance in the kitchen.

Keeping that refrigerator working at its optimal best is essential to an energetic, well run home.  Honestly we invest lots of money keeping food in our fridges to feed our families and keep them healthy.  But to do that the fridge must continue to work. Here are ten tips to help our refrigerators keep working and supply the needs of our family members.

Top Nine Refrigerator Tips

  1. Cover all the food in your refrigerator - Uncovered food will hurt your venting system in the appliance and stop it from cooling your food properly and put undue strain on your compressor.
  2. Clean a spill after it happens -  A dirty refrigerator has more problems and costs more money to keep working properly.  Any spill you clean up will save you money and keep bacteria from growing in your appliance.
  3. Give the vents in your appliance plenty of room to work properly - Your refrigerator works as a whole unit and if it cannot ventilate correctly, this will shorten the length of use of the appliance.
  4. Keep your doors on the refrigerator closed - You compressor will be over worked with a door that is half-way oven or half-way closed.
  5. Do not put hot food in the refrigerator - wait until the food cools off so you do not over work your compressor.
  6. Keep enough food in your appliance - an empty refrigerator takes more energy to keep cold and will cost you more on your electric bill.
  7. Maintain your refrigerator yearly - this will allow your compressor work better and make the entire appliance last longer which saves you serious money.
  8. Leave space between your refrigerator and the wall - so it can have proper air flow which will keep your appliance from over heating and last longer.
  9. Deep clean your refrigerator every few weeks to give it a new start.  This will help your refrigerator last longer and make it more healthy for your family.