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Are you ready for the spring Dallas thunderstorms that will come through this year?

How I am protecting my family from Dallas thunderstorms that will come this year.

As a transplant to Dallas.  I have had a hard time getting used to the storms that happen every single spring and storm.  The storms come in with lightning, thunder, hail and flooding. But since I have been here almost 20 years I can say they almost do not effect me.  But the truth is they are dangerous and have the potential to do serious damage to our homes and those we love. So protecting our homes and yes our appliances is up to to us and it takes preventative care to do this.   We need to be ready for the storms to hit.  We need to understand what needs to be done and how they effect our lives.

I had a serious lesson on what not to do a couple years back when I left my car sitting in front of my house with a storm roaring in.  I left it there because my garage door was not working and I could not get my car put away.  I went with my hubby to pick up my youngest daughter and suddenly the storm turned into hail.  My car was hit pretty bad with the storm, simply because I was not prepared.   I learned what not to do.  How it is more important to be ready before the storm comes.

Dallas thunderstorms are not something to mess around with, having plan on what you and your family will do when they roll is crucial to a spring with out problems,  For anyone who has lived in the Dallas area for more than a couple years. Its not a shocker every spring when we the stormsDallas thuderstorms come rolling in.

Dallas springs are mean thunderstorms will be here soon. Spring came early this year and I would not be shocked if we have extra tremulous weather coming our way. But we can protect ourselves even if we have not done preventative care there are some short term things that can be done.

Here are something I have done to prepare for spring and protect my family from Dallas Thunderstorms.

  1. Have a whole house surge protector installed into my home – this can protect not only my appliances but my family members.   
  2. Down load and install the weather app from WFAA and My Radar – these give me the up to date information even if I have to go into a storm shelter
  3. Have a plan on where you will be if in fact a tornado hits your home.  There are  shelters that  can be installed in your garage or in your bedroom. 
  4. 1. Have an emergency kit ready to take with with you where ever you go.  It needs essential items to help you be ready for any thing.  I put an extra cell phone shoes, a jacket food water and other items to protect my family. 
  5. Put those things like chairs and tables out side on the patio away in a storage place so they wont be thrown in the wind and break things like windows. 
  6. Put your car in the garage or under a shelter that will keep hail from hitting it.
  7.  Keep your pet and kids close to you and away from windows.
  8. Wear rubber bottomed shoes in case the need to be out in the elements.
  9. lose the blinds and secure the doors locked and closed.
  10. Keep a way to communicate with others close at hand
  11. Keep the news on your cell phone TV or laptop so you can be prepared at all time

I recommend you get prepared as soon as possible, spring is hear and wont wait for you to get ready for the next storm to come through our area.   Get ready  for Dallas Thunderstorms today!

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