How to make my older dryer last as long as possible.

15 Things to do to your Older Dryer to Make it Last As Long As Possible.

If you have not seen lately, new clothes dryers are really expensive to buy. I thought I would see what the price range is so I can share, and it is crazy.  Now it depends on the amount of bells and whistles that come along with them and if they are gas or electric.  But lets just say its a lot cheaper to just take care of the older appliance than buy a new dryer.

Here is a list of things that can be done to make sure your dryer lasts for a long as possible:

  1. Put smaller loads in your dryer – a small load does not wear out things like a large weighted load will.
  2. Clean out the lint after every load – this keeps the air flow moving correctly and can prevent fires.
  3. Change out the transition hose on the back when needed – this again helps the flow of air which will allow your dryer to stay cooler and prevent unnecessary repairs.
  4. Have a professional clean the vents that your dryer is attached to at least once a year. I recommend you call HomeSafe Vent Cleaning here locally in the Dallas area.
  5. Keep the top of your dryer empty when running it – anything on top of your dryer holds in the heat and that can do damage.
  6. Make sure the clothes you put in the dryer have completed the spin cycle in your washing machine – this will make sure it is not too wet when it is put in your dryer.  When the laundry in the dryer is too wet it can cost you more money and break your dryer.
  7. Put a whole house surge protector on your home to protect the electronics in your dryer and keep it from being hit by surges and spikes of electricity.
  8. Have A+ Certified Appliance come out and maintain your dryer properly at least one time in a 12 month period.
  9. Take the laundry out of the dryer when it is finished – the extra weight can wear out parts and cost you money.
  10. Do not dry items that are too heavy like bedspreads or comforters.  There are dryers that are made specifically for that and your typical dryer will break with that type of weight in it on a regular basis.  You can take it to a professional dryer cleaners or take it to a laundromat.
  11. Put only laundry in your dryer – I have seen people put metal items in their dryer and make them stop working immediately.
  12. If your children are going to use the dryer, train them on how to use them correctly!
  13. Take all the pens and extra stuff out of your pockets preferably before you wash them not just dry them.  These things do not belong in an appliance and will cause TROUBLE!
  14. When you clean rags make sure they are at least 12″ x 12″ a small piece of material can get into the mechanics of the machine and create havoc. Also, make sure they do not have any chemicals on them before they are washed. Those should be thrown away.
  15. Never run the dryer while you are sleeping or away from the house – it can cause a spark and catch the house on fire.

Keeping your dryer running will not only keep your family in clothes and ready for each new day, it also will save you time, money and stress.

Our #1 goal at A+ Certified Appliance is to keep all of your appliances running the best they can.