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If you have had a stinky front load washer you know what the fuss is about.

Photo by rage_in_atx on Flickr

Photo by rage_in_atx on Flickr

It smells terribly! If your laundry room is close the kitchen or a bedroom that smell can penetrate other area’s and make life well miserable for your nose. But  most people do not realize that the front loader is infamous for the stink and see a very beautiful machine that can do things others can not.  I can not tell you as I answer the phones to get different appliances working better, how many people call with the dreaded stinky washer.  I wish I could help more people not have this issue!  So I have a list of things that will help you get your front loader from stinking.


7  Simple Things You Can Do To Make Your Washer Stop Hurting My Nose…Front Loader Washing Machine

  1. Clean your washer after finishing the laundry

There are products that you can get from your local store that will clean your washing machine that removes the bacteria that creates the stink in the first place. We recommend a product called Affresh here is link that you can get it at target but I am sure you can get it other places as well.Front Loader Washing Machine

  1. Dry it out and keep it dry

Towel dry your machine so that more of the bacteria will not created by the environment inside your front loader.  This takes a few minutes and must be done anytime you use the machine.  Anytime you do not do it gives the moisture a chance to take ahold and it will start stinking at some point.

  1. Leave the door open as much as possible

After you towel dry I recommend air drying for at least an hour and if you have the space to leave the door open then leave the door open as much as you can.  I know it can be annoying since our laundry rooms are often on the way to the garage at least in Texas.  But this can and will save your nose serious pain.

  1. Use less laundry detergent

I personally recommend a natural HD laundry detergent such as Seventh Generation – Do not put to much in, it will increase the smell and it will not clean your clothes as well.  Laundry detergent does not work like other soaps so when you have too much it does cause problems and not fix them.Front Loader Washing Machine

  1. Use hot water when possible

The heat of the water will help clean the washing machine and the clothes which will remove the ability to have a stinky washing machine.  I know its not always available so much recommendation is start your laundry with a load that uses hot water and then finish it up with the hot water.  If you have a teenager or kid doing the laundry make sure they understand how and what to do.

  1. Don’t forget the clean the seal

The seal on your washing machine makes it airtight which also allows the bacteria to grow substantially when it is closed so make sure you dry and clean the seal with the same product to clean your washing machine with.

If you do not clean it, it can mold and cause major problem in fact they sometimes need to be replaced.  If you think yours might be in a condition to replace.  Here is how to get in touch with the office.

  1. Maintain your appliance once a year

Most major appliance repairs that are done could have been avoided by servicing them.  We would never drive down the road in a car that has no oil in it or with a flat tire, but we do that to our washers all the time.  Your washing machine and your dryer need servicing once a year to keep them from breaking down.  That is honestly why we started A+ Certified Appliance.  We saw people we know and love not getting the needed information on how to keep their appliances from breaking. Our goal is too keep our clients appliances running and running well.

  1. Remove your laundry when its done

Don’t let the laundry sit over night in your machine, not only will the machine stink but your clothes will too.  When it finishes and is washed, take it out promptly!

Your  front loader does not have to stink if you take the right steps to keep it from stinking.  I also recommend getting a whole house surge protector to protect the computer boards that are in it.  Most of the time there are at least 2-4 computer boards in one machine.  They can and will cost you a fortune if you do not protect them.

Front Loader Washing Machine

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