Are Your Appliances Ready For Summer?

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Protect Your Appliances This Summer

Eight Things You Can Do Now To Protect Your Appliances From A Long Hot Amazing Summer.

Living in the North Dallas area, we all know to well that eventually it will get over 100 degrees and our pools will be used often. Summer will be here! Kids having lots of fun and spending time going from one thing to the next. But for our families to work well we need our appliances to run with out problems.  So how can we keep our appliances running great?  We need a plan! 


Keep the appliances running great this summer plan:

  1. Keep Your Refrigerator door closed when it's not in use - a open door can overwork the compressor. Refrigerators are more likely to have problems in summer than any other time of the year.  
  2. When you take your summer family vacation, never turn your air conditioning off or raise the temperature. This will put your refrigerator in danger of overworking and the compressor shutting down. I hate it when my clients come home to a refrigerator that has completely defrosted and full of food that is no longer any good. 
  3. Have your appliances professionally maintained before you leave for vacation - this needs to be done at least once per year. It will protect your appliances and save you money.  
  4. Make sure the kids close your doors on your home when they come in or outside.   The heat will over work your air conditioner, ice makers, refrigerators and wine coolers.   
  5. Protect you whole home with a whole house surge protector.  All of our homes are hit with an average of 20 surges every single day.  This wears down all of the electronics in our appliances.  It can and will save you serious money and time.  Prevention in your appliance care is just as important as it is in your car. 
  6. Use your dishwasher at least once a week.  When you and your family leave for a prolonged vacation out of the area, have a friend or family member run the dishwasher once every 7 days. It will prevent leaks and keep it running better. 
  7. Check all the pockets of the clothes before they go in the washing machine.  During the summer we are all doing more fun things which means we can have the strangest items left in our pockets.  Those items can do damage to your washer and dryer. 
  8. Make sure someone checks your home out at least once a week.  Get them to run the dishwasher, check the mail. and all of your appliances, pool and air conditioning. 
  9. Turn off the water at the street before you leave town. This will prevent floods! (Keep in mind if you are on a prolonged vacation that the person watching your house will have to turn it back on temporarily to run your dishwahser)

What is your idea of a great summer?


Will You Have An Appliance Break This Summer? 


In Texas, summer always comes early. With our weather, we want to have cold beverages in the fridge and the ability to have our favorite outfit washed and ready.  But for that to happen our appliances must continue to work properly.  Those appliances also are under attack by hot weather, over use, under care and all those surges that hit our homes every single day. So, no matter if you are going to take a great vacation or not, there are some things you need to do to protect your appliances. 


You need your appliances to be ready for the summer.  No matter what your idea of a great summer is, my idea is keep your appliances running without problems.  The one appliance that is hit hardest in the summer is the fridge. I see more refrigerators that need to be repaired or replaced in the summer than any other time of the year.  But there are things you can do right now as summer is looming.  


I do not want you to have to stay home all summer because of an unexpected extra expense or go on vacation to come home to appliances that are no longer working.  

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