How to help your washing machine and dryer survive football season this and every year.

Protect your washing machine from dirty football or soccer uniforms.

Fall is upon us with all that includes. Like football Fridays, sports, parties and more. But our appliances can get a beating with the kids running here and there.

The laundry room can be abused by overuse. Keeping your washing machine working well is a priority during this time. Having lots of extra dirty football, soccer, dance, and school uniforms can be tiring not just for the parents but the appliances that they are using.

I am a Mom with a large family, and having lots of extra dirty laundry is something I remember well. But there are things that can be done during this time to keep that dryer drying and the washer spinning and cleaning.

I know that your washing machine is probably the last thing on your mind. But keeping it run great, will save you money and time.



Help Your Washer Survive Football Season.

Here are some ideas to help keep your washer and dryer working with out issues.

1. Always check your pockets before putting items in the washer – You never know what someone has left in their pocket. It can be a pen or pencil, which can do internal damage to both your washer and your dryer. But cars or electronics are equally as damaging to the machine. Letting loose change go into the machine can cost you more than the change you lost.

2. Never use the plastic covered soap into your washing machine. The plastic does not dissolve and can cause clogs in both your washing machine and dryer , this can create a flood in your laundry room. But it also can do damage in your dryer.

3. Look at every item that goes in your machine before you put it in. Shake out the mud , put pre-washing on extra dirty stains as well as make sure it is something that goes in a washing machine. This will save you money. The harder your appliances work, the easier it is to break,

4. Maintain your appliances yearly, having a good appliance company and maintain your appliances properly on annual bases will keep them running better and longer. It will not mean things won’t wear out, but it means you should avoid very expensive repairs.

5. Front Load Washing Machines need to be dried out after your done with your laundry every time and leave the door open. A closed wet machine can grow mold and start stinking.

6. Put a whole house surge protector on your home if you have any appliances that were made after 2005. New appliances have control boards in them that will go out when surges and dirty electricity hits them to many times. The average home in Texas is hit with about 20 surges a day. This can save you thousands of dollars.

7. Use less soap – soap does not work in your appliances the way you think. Less is more in fact that soap does build up in your machine and cause trouble. So using less and proper type for your washer is vital to keeping that machine lasting longer.


Like I said before I know that your washing machine is probably the last thing on your mind. But keeping it run great, will save you money and time.


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