What to do when you have a hot fridge.

Here are some things to think about when your deciding to fix your hot fridge or not.

  1. How old is your fridge?  The newer the appliance the more likely it is to break.  I have older appliances and recommend you at least have a back up fridge that is over 10 years old.  This will give you a place to put your food when the newer model give you trouble.

  2. What brand is it?  Not all appliances are made the same.  In fact sometimes its better to spend less and have a better appliance.  Like I said before there are some appliances that will never recommend.  But that can change depending on is coming into the marketplace currently.

  3. Do you have a back up fridge?  Having a good back up is not just for the data on your computer but for your fridge.  I recommend having enough space in your garage refrigerator made to put the food in the indoor refrigerator when it stops working.  Having that space available will give you peace of mind.

  4. Are you maintain your refrigerator often enough? 50% of all appliance repairs could have been prevented simply by maintaining those appliances on an annual basis.  Its much like changing the oil on your car.  If you do not do it your car motor will lock up and stop working costing you thousands of dollars.  Your refrigerator needs maintaining.  If  you don't do it, the overuse of your compressor will cost you money.  Like I said before, I want my clients to know how to keep their appliances from breaking.  If I had everything I wanted appliances would be made properly so they last a very long time, like they did when I was a kid.

  5. Can you spot the computer boards on your refrigerator? Any place there is a digital read out there is a computer.  Anyplace there is knobs there is usually a computer board.  Computer boards are hiding in places that most people don't see.  Even the "old fashioned" looking washers and dryers that are being sold today have lots of computer boards.  With those boards you need surge protection. Our homes have an average of 20 surges in them everyday.  When there is construction in the area even more.  Those surges wear down our computer boards and will eventually break them.  The average computer board is probably somewhere around $300 and an appliance has up to 6 boards in it.  If all of those went out you would be forced to buy a new one.  A new refrigerator is what I consider expensive! I know most people don't just have $2000 just sitting around waiting to be spent.

  6. Today can be the change.   The way we work around that fridge can change today.  Today can be the day where you prevent an expensive refrigerator repair from coming your way.  Start by downloading our appliance tips sheet and doing these simple things to save yourself from big expense of buying a new fridge.


What to to with a hot refrigerator

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Trouble with that hot fridge?
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Is Your Refrigerator Hot?


A Hot Fridge Only Means Trouble If You Don't Know What To Do.

Have you ever woke to up to refrigerator that is not working? 

Is your refrigerator hot or maybe its leaking, or your ice maker is putting ice all of over the floor.  Our appliances are tools we have to help with different areas of our lives and families lives. But sometimes they stop working and cost us money time and energy.  I don't know about you but I hate waking up to a hot fridge. But I hate it more for my clients!

What do I do next?  Who do I call?  Should I fix it?  Should I go get a new one?  How much will this cost me?  Do I need to throw away my food? There is not a simple answer for every situation.  I want my  clients to have the ability to know what to do when the fridge gets hot and stops working.  Knowing how to keep from losing the food in our fridge is important, but it is also important to make the best decision for your family.  Knowing if buying a new fridge is the best choice or if repairing it would be better.  There are some appliances that should not be repaired. But there are also appliances that I would never buy.


What to do with my hot fridge?

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What to do when my fridge gets hot?

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