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How To Clean Your Viking Oven / Appliance Repair Dallas/ A + Certified Appliance

Preventing Problems In Your Viking Oven

A Viking Oven is a very beautiful appliance.


But just like all ovens when you use them they get dirty. Now with your Viking it comes with many features that different simply because of the price that you have paid. But if you are not careful then it can break when you are cleaning it just like most self cleaning ovens.  There are some things you can do and not do that you can prevent problems especially when you need it to work.   

Don't clean it right before you are going to cook that big meal.  Last Thanksgiving, I had a client who cleaned her Viking Stove the day before she was going to start cooking her Thanksgiving meal.  She has a large family and it takes time to get it finished.  In the process of that her oven stopped working.   The problem with Viking is getting parts quickly.   It took us longer to get the parts and her Thanksgiving plans had to be changed very quickly.  I recommend you  clean it after a big meal and not before.  

Before you self clean your Viking Oven stop and ask your self a question.  Do I have my oven and other appliances properly protected from surges?  When you self clean your viking oven if you do not have it protected from surges it can pull too much electricity and do internal damage to different parts of even computer boards that can cost you big time.  I recommend before you self clean your Viking Oven you get a a whole house surge protector installed in your home

Protect your oven from spills by using liners and other items.  If your oven is clean today and you are wanting to know how to maintain it with out having to self clean.  There are some excellent items you can purchase from stores such as amazon to protect your appliance.  It will make it easier to keep it clean which if it does not get dirty it will keep the dirt away.  I wish I was better at keeping my oven cleaner than I am. 

Some things to think about before buying A Viking Oven or Appliance.

Its going to cost more to service and repair them.  - Viking Appliances are complicated and it takes more money to fix and repair. 

Its more of a challenge to find qualified technicians to work on them.  Finding technicians that have worked on Viking and still work on them is difficult to do.  Viking does not work through the normal channels that other appliance manufacturing companies do which makes it more work on the small business person and their will be fees because of that. 

Its harder to find parts and have them available. Most brands work through parts houses that are local or semi local.  Viking does not currently work through these and it takes longer for your appliance technicians to order the parts and get them in hand.  Viking also does not have many parts available for long periods of time. 

Prepare your self for parts that are much higher than you think they will be. Viking is not cheap to buy and it will not be cheap to fix.  Prepare for double what you think you will spend.  Thinking in terms of more will give you a realistic view of what it will cost to fix. 

Before buying Viking or any other brand always check the consumer reports.  Viking does not have the best reputation and their is a reason for this. 

Have a back of plan in case you can not get parts for your Viking Oven.  Sometimes it can take up to a few months to get parts because Viking does not have them available.  I recommend having a back up stove or way to cook in case that happens to you. 



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