Appliance Repair Frisco TX – Client Testimonials What our clients say about the service they received from A+ Certified Appliance I have become one of this company’s greatest fans and promoters because they deserve it.  I became one of their maintenance customers and the first call they did on my Read More

Professionals We Recommend

Home Service Professional These are people who we love working with and recommend you work with them as well. They are A+ with us! Recommended Businesses & Home Contractors This is a list of contractors & businesses that I have either personally used, work with or referred to clients and Read More

A+ Certified Appliance Preventive Maintenance Packages

50% of Appliance Repairs Are Preventable!  50% of Appliance Repairs Are Preventable!You Can Start Protecting Your Appliances From Major Repairs Today  Protect My Appliances From Future Repairs Fix My Appliance ASAP A+ Certified Appliance Preventive Maintenance Packages Our #1 Goal Is To Help Our Residential Clients Appliances Last Longer and Read More

Why your dishwasher isn’t cleaning your dishes

My Dishwasher is not getting my dishes squeaky clean. Have you noticed your pots and glasses end up with a whitish film on them? I can tell you why that happens, and it’s not the fault of the dishwasher. I’m going to bet you’ve recently changed to a new dishwashing detergent, Read More

Before You Leave Town on Vacation

In my last blog I talked about how to prepare your appliances for summer vacation. There are a few other things every homeowner should do before he leaves town. Just to make sure I don’t miss anything, I’ve asked a few of my business friends to give me their best Read More

How to Maintain a Clothes Dryer

Ask any woman and she’ll tell you it’s important to avoid repairs to a clothes dryer. Think about it. What family can go very long with a broken dryer? Of course, you can hang your clothes in the backyard. But, hanging clothes outside on a clothes line only encourages bad Read More

Two things to do to rid of dishwasher build-up

Dishwasher not cleaning anymore? I often get a call from different clients who have the same issue regarding their dishwasher. They will say”  Over the past several weeks-months, have been getting a whitish film/deposit on pots, tops of some plastic cups, etc. You don’t really see it on plates”. Typically Read More