7 Simple Steps To Pick Your Next Refrigerator

Refrigerator Brands

Here are some brands to do research on.  We do not recommend most of these.  Do your research before you spend money.  Also if you have questions call the office and someone can help. 


How to pick a refrigerator that will work for your family in 10 simple steps

Choosing a refrigerator that is best for your family is very important.  

Not all refrigerators are equal and some are not worth the money they are charging to buy.  Having a great kitchen and garage refrigerator can save your family a lot of money.

When your refrigerator stops working the money you lose is not just about the cost to repair or replace it.  It is also the food that you have invested money into and the time that will be spent getting it working.  


How to pick the best refrigerator for your family?


Appliances are on sale, but is it worth buying something new?

This is the time of year that those new appliances go on sale and people I know that start calling the office with the same questions.  What should I look for in a new appliance?  Is there a specific brand that you recommend buying?   Should I get a side by side fridge or a french door?


We can talk about brands later, but the question I want to work on is which type of fridge is better for you.


My refrigerator situation: 

In fact, my husband has been looking for a different fridge for the house as of lately.  Not because my machine is not working well.  It works like a dream.  It is older ( was made in the 90's) and it has never really given me trouble.   Now I do keep the maintenance up on my appliances and I have a whole house surge protector on my home.  So my appliances will not be affected by surges and dirty electricity.  But our needs have changed, my Mom moved in with us and we have a lot of people who use the fridge and we are running out of space.


He would like to get an older french door so we can have more space for meat and vegetables since we eat very clean.  For me to find the fridge we are wanting, I can not just go down the street to my local warehouse and pick one up.   First of all, they have is new appliances with lots of computer boards. Second, the prices they charge are over what I am willing to pay.   I want something that was made early 2000's and something that is well made.  That is a tall order to fill. 


But back to what you could be looking for since you are looking for a newer appliance. here are some ideas on how to pick one. 


7 simple steps to picking your perfect refrigerator


  1.  Don't pick an appliance based on features unless you can afford them - new features take more parts and typically speaking they are the first thing to break.   If you are buying a brand new refrigerator make sure you buy the extended warranty or your appliance will be not covered usually 1 year from purchase date.  
  2. Look at how many years the appliance you are looking at has been in production.  Each brand has lots of different models a model that lasts the test of time probably will have less trouble than one that is first years model. 
  3. Look at how sturdy the doors and drawers feel - lots of manufacturers put less money into the parts that hold things together and more into features.  Which means if you have a younger person using it, they could pull it out and break it.   I have no idea how many of these we see every day! 
  4. Have a backup refrigerator in the garage!  If you are buying a new refrigerator, have a backup older machine in your garage or laundry room.   This can save you tons of money when the new one stops working. 
  5. Put a whole house surge protector on your home - a whole house surge protector will protect those computer boards in the machine and your pocketbook.
  6. Pick something that is well made and works with the food you typically use.  Don't put to much weight in drawers to where they squeak or make funny noises. 
  7. Pick something that you like the way it looks and works.   If you don't like it don't get it.  The best appliance out there is not for you if it is something you can not use. 


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