90% of most people don’t know how to prevent kitchen fires. Do you?

Oven firesWhat would you do if you oven or something else in your kitchen caught on fire?

Do you have a plan?  Would your family know what to do? 1 in 15 homes will have an appliance or kitchen fire this year.  Will it be in your home?

Our appliances are dangerous and we need to careful the way we operate and how we teach our children to operate around them. Preparing and prevention is key to not only understanding how a kitchen fire happens but keep it from happening.

Cooking is a fun time for me and my family.  My youngest daughter is addicted to Master Chef Jr and wants to learn how to do amazing things in the kitchen.   But that oven does pose threats not only to me but to her.  I am sure you might have kids who want to cook.  So here are something to keep in mind when those who you love are operating in and around the kitchen

How to think differently about your kitchen and kitchen fires:

  1. Keep things off the floor when cooking – having loose items in your kitchen can create a situation where someone trips and in so doing can catch their clothes or hair on fire.
  2. Never walk away from an oven or stove top that is on and cooking.  This is one of the top factors to kitchen fires.  Watching the pot boil is boring but can prevent serious injury to those who you love.
  3. Wear the right the clothing  – having lose or flowing clothes can be dangerous and catch on fire with of course can burn your skin face eyes and more.
  4. Fireworks are better outside – if you see sparks coming from your oven turn it off immediately and call your local appliance repair expert.
  5. Maintenance is the key – a dirty oven is in danger of catching on fire.  An in oven fire is containable but it can create an explosion in your kitchen as well.  Keep your oven as clean as possible.
  6. How many did you say?  Those computer boards in your oven can catch on fire when they are hit with surges.  So to prepare for that would take getting a whole house surge protector in your home.  Remember there are multiple computer boards in your oven and each one is not free.
  7. Its in the details – Make sure you have an appliance expert on hand that you can trust.  He or she can give you advice on if your oven is safe and if you should get a new one.
  8. Most oven fires start when?  Most oven or kitchen fires start when you are not expecting it. Prepare now and get the equipment you need to stop a fire in its tracks.

Kitchen fires are scary and can cost you thousands of dollars besides the lives of those who you love.

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