Can I trust my Samsung refrigerator with the food I am putting in it?

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Seven Things To Watch Out For In Your Samsung Refrigerator



Having a reliable refrigerator in your kitchen is the difference in a kitchen that works.  When that fridge stops working the kitchen in closed for business.   Picking a the right fridge is very important.  Knowing what to look out for in the fridge is also important.   Samsung has made one of the most beautiful feature rich refrigerators in resent years.  I totally understand why you might pick this appliance to be in your home.  We are always looking to improve our lifestyles with out taking more time out of our days.   This machine promises just that.  But there are things you should be careful of and times you should call your appliance expert out to look at your fridge as soon as possible. 

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Samsung is very known for specific problems and watching out for them in advance can save you money and time for years to come. 

  • Stock up on water filters for your specific machine.  Often they will stop making water filters and you can only buy generic filters which can do damage to your appliance that will need to be repaired for the ice and water to work. 
  • Listen for unusual noises including water dripping, wind or  simply it being overly quiet.  Knowing what noises your refrigerator makes everyday will give you a hint when things are starting to go wrong.  I recommend calling your technician out when that happens so you do not loose food and cost your family more money to replace the food and possibly the refrigerator.
  • Have a back up refrigerator in the garage or in another location in case you need to move the food quickly.  This is not just for Samsung refrigerators but any brand.  It will save you money and time again.   I hate it when my clients lose food. 
  • Put a temperature gauge in your Samsung refrigerator no mater if it is a side by side or french door.  Knowing how your appliance runs everyday will help you see when something is getting ready to stop working. 


  • Know where you can buy dry ice locally.   When your Samsung fridge stops working put dry ice in the bottom of the fridge and freezer so you don't lose food in your refrigerator that is left in the appliance. 
  • Ask questions of your appliance expert :  make sure you create a relationship with a a local appliance expert that is willing to answer questions you have about your refrigerator.  Knowing who to ask before something goes wrong will help you keep your refrigerator running great for years to come.  
  • Create a back up plan in case your refrigerator stops working when you are out of town or not at home.  This is will save you money and give your family the knowledge on what to do in case of an emergency. 
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