Protect Your Home | lightning strike - transient voltage

Protect Your Home From Surges, Dirty Energy and Lightning Strikes


Which Appliances Can You Afford To Replace?

Did you know  that …
  • most all of today’s appliances have at least 1 circuit board (computer) in them and some as many as 4 circuit boards?
  • every time you see a dimming light you have experienced an electrical surge?
  • dirty electricity comes into your home and can create serious damage?
  • the answer to all of  these problems has been found?

We protect every appliance– in any room of your home – from damage caused by power surges. Any time. 24 hours a day.


The average home experiences 20 power spikes a day due to “dirty” power. Think your equipment is protected?  Think again. 


The unexpected happens when you least expect it. In calm weather. In the middle of the day. Protect your home and family today! Protect My Appliances


Call Us Now and Schedule Time For Our Electrician to Install Your Whole House Surge Protector at 972-890-5014 or Text Us At 972-370-5251

We Want To Help You Protect Every Appliance in Your Home.

Our whole house surge protector  defends your home from severe electrical surges caused by –

  • Sudden changes in electricity use on the local power grid
  • Brown outs / power outages
  • Distribution company transformer failure
  • Downed power lines
  • Lightning strikes - transient voltage ( the least common cause )

We offer the whole house Surge Protector/Power Conditioner for $349 + tax includes installation. with Lifetime Warranty on the equipment as well as a Connected Equipment Warranty up to $25,000Protect every outlet in your home and all the circuit boards in every piece of equipment inside your residence. Do it now. Trust me. You’ll thank me later.

 Don't wait till its too late, get your whole house surge protector today and sleep better tonight.