What do you do with your fridge when it breaks and you don’t have time to get it fixed?

Are you having trouble with your fridge or another appliance?

In today's world, we have so many things that are putting pressure on our schedules.  

Making the right choice for your appliance and your family is important and can be the difference in wasting money or not. Not all appliances should be repaired, but letting an appliance run while it is broken can create more problems.


There is nothing worse than waking up to a hot fridge and spoiled food! It does not matter what time of year it is, there is never a good time to have an appliance that is not working. But there are worse times, when you are totally time broke and need help getting through until you can get it fixed.

So what are the things that we can wait to fix, and what are things that cannot wait because they will cost us more in the long run. There are also things that cannot wait because they have the potential to create unnatural disasters in our home.

Are you having trouble with your fridge or another appliance?

Remember the longer it takes to get an appliance working again lowers the length of time you will have it working in your home. The best policy is to get a professional to look at it as soon as possible!



Appliance Repair, Appliance Trouble, Refrigerator Trounble

Are you having trouble with your fridge or another appliance?

1. Never run an appliance if it is making loud noises, and you don’t know is causing the noise. I understand if you do not have time to get it fixed now, but don’t run it unless you know what the noise is and if it will not do further damage or create additional problems.
2. Turn off the water to your washer or dishwasher if there is unexplained leak – the only way to stop leaks is to stop the source of the leak. Do not wait for the leak to get larger to fix it, it can flood your house and cost you big time. If you do not have time today to fix it, stop the leak before the leak gets larger.
3. Take your food out of a hot fridge before it starts to ruin, or put dry ice in the fridge and freezer so that it will stay cold enough, giving you time to get an appliance repair person out to fix it before you lose the money you put into the food.
4. Remember you don’t have to be the one who does it all - We are all very busy and having an appliance that breaks down can be just another thing to put on your time. There are other people who can help with your home issues. My recommendation is for you find someone local that you trust that can sit in your home in your stead when you're busy with work or family, to get that appliance fixed. Maybe you can get a neighbor that is at home during the day or someone who is looking for a job. Give them a predetermined amount of money, when they house sit for you.

5 simple things to do that will make your Microwave last 50% longer.

5 Simple Things To Do That Will Make Your Microwave Last Longer.

The Microwave is one of the most used appliances in our homes. 


The average family uses their microwave at least 5 times each and every day.  When that appliance is no longer working it is a pain to get the things done with out this very useful tool. 

The problem is the way we operate it everyday does things that will stop working faster than intended.  In fact I probably could open up your microwave oven today, if I was in your house and tell you how long it would last. 

5 Simple Things To Do To Make Your Microwave Out Last Its Current Life Expectancy By 50 %

  1.  Cover your food when you are heating food. The food will splatter all over the microwave and cause both health dangers and a dangerous situation for your microwave oven.
  2.  Use microwave safe items to hold your food. If you use a plate that is not rated for the microwave it can get hot and break causing potential damage. NEVER use metal in the oven it can cause a short and make it where your microwave is
  3.  Wipe down after ever use. - Food not only breaks the microwave oven but makes heating things difficult since you have to heat the stuff on the walls as well.
  4.  Never run your microwave when it is empty. The waves will fill up the space and break the components in your microwave. I recently ran into a client that had to replace their machine due to this happening. It breaks my heart when I can not help my client protect their appliances and make them last longer.
  5. . Clean the microwave before you use it. - Running a microwave that is dirty regularly will does a few things including lowering life expectancy. I would recommend you clean it a minimum of one time a week and wipe it down after every use.

There Is One Simple Thing That Tells Me More About the Condition Of Your Microwave.

Your  Microwave Oven will simply last longer if we clean and maintain it properly. its pretty simple a clean appliance will out last a dirty appliance at least by double. 


Refrigerator Repair in Wylie, TX

I wrote in my last blog about the importance of cleaning the coils on your refrigerator to prevent repair.

I was at a client’s house last night in Wylie, TX for a refrigerator repair.  The coils were extremely dirty and they had received a very strong electrical surge which had shut down the compressor of the refrigerator.

Kenmore refrigerator repair - Wylie, TX Kenmore Refrigerator Repair in Wylie,TX


The relay to the compressor was burnt out and the main computer board that runs the refrigerator had failed. This refrigerator repair in Wylie, TX will cost the client hundreds of dollars in lost food, repair or replacement costs and could have been prevented with our A+ Service Plan and our Whole House Surge Protector.

The compressor overworking due to dirty coils weakens the relay and will fail at some point causing food loss as the refrigerator defrosts.  At that point you will need a refrigerator repair by a qualified technician.

Cleaning the coils on a regular basis is vital to the health of your fridge just like changing the oil in your car.  At least once per year is recommended and more frequently if you have animals.

Ironically, if you have a garage refrigerator, it will not get nearly as dirty as there is not as much lint and hair in the garage.  Still it’s better safe than sorry, so clean those coils at least once per year.

If you’re like most people, we get busy and forget, that’s why I have the A+ Service Plan.  Also, you can check out our special offer to clean 4 appliances for only $199.

Don’t let this happen to you.  You too can prevent refrigerator repair in Wylie, TX!

How to maintain your refrigerator, keep it from having issues later. | refrigerator repair

When was the last time you had your refrigerator maintained?

2013-11-15 12.05.17

Its time to start maintaining this GE refrigerator, looks the coils.

We all know to maintain our cars, right?   We change the oil, rotate the tires, get belts changed.  What about your refrigerator.  Ever thought about it?

Do your GE refrigerator coils look like this?


They’re supposed to look like this:

2013-11-15 12.07.42

Maintenance of your refrigerator will keep it running longer and more efficiently.

It is so critical for preventing refrigerator repair to clean the condenser coils and change the water filter regularly.

Dirty coils cause too much energy usage. Your refrigerator in Frisco, McKinney, Plano, or Little Elm, wherever you live is the second biggest user of electricity in the house second only to the air conditioner.   It runs 24/7/365 and when the coils are dirty it does not run efficiently and the compressor overworks.

Cleaning the coils on a regularly basis helps the compressor not work so hard and can actually prevent unnecessary repairs.

Changing the water filter on a regularly basis can on many refrigerators prevent a break in the housing and prevent a flood in your house.

If you have any questions at all about refrigerator repair, refrigerator maintenance or any appliance repair for that matter, please give us a call at: 972-890-5014.

Also, check out our service plan where you get annual maintenance on up to 10 appliances and then anytime you need an appliance repair in Frisco, appliance repair in McKinney, appliance repair in Plano, appliance repair  in Lewisville or appliance repair in Little Elm, our main service area, you only pay for parts.

Six ways to keep your washing machine running better.

Did you know that 50% of all appliance repairs can be prevented?

Here are some of the things you can do  that will keep me or someone like me out of your house so that your washing machine does not need fixing.

  1. Buy a washing machine that fits your family  – Don’t watch the TV ads to pick out a washing machine they over market products that you don’t need and that break quickly.  Most families need washing machines that are durable and kid friendly.
  2.  Keep the door open on your front loader after using it  at least several hours to allow the “boot” or gasket to dry out. Not doing this will cause mildew to form on the inside of the boot creating a very unpleasant smell and forcing a replacement before it is necessary. Recently I had to perform washer repair in Plano, TX on a washing machine that was only a few years old.
  3. Always, check pockets for loose change and sharp objects. A client in Frisco, TX had left curtain hooks in their pockets and it had ripped through the gasket on their washer causing a flood and a repair that could have been avoided. Also, I have been called out to do a washer repair countless times with the symptom “My washer has stopped in the middle of the cycle” or “My washer won’t drain” or “My washer won’t spin” and I have to clear the drain pump filter and then all is well.
  4. Check how much soap and what kind you are using almost all Americans use too much soap in their washer. Recently, in Little Elm, TX a client complained of oil at the bottom of their washer. I spent almost an hour cleaning out excess laundry soap out of their machine, that was all it was. If you can find an Amway distributor, buy SA8. It is the best laundry soap on the market. Most laundry soaps will not fully dissolve as was the case with the appliance repair in Little Elm and it gums up the works in the machine.
  5. Don’t over stuff your washing machine! I don’t care what the TV commercials say, no machine (except a true commercial machine) can tolerate huge loads for an extended period of time. If you want to do your comforters and heavy blankets, take them to the Laundromat and break their washers. I had a client in Allen, TX that I ended up rebuilding their Whirlpool Duet Washer because the bearings had gone out. They decided that $850.00 was better that a new front load set.
  6. Don’t slam the lid / door! It will break the safety lid switch on your top load washer or the door lock assembly on your front load washer. This appliance repair doesn’t take me long, but that is only because I have done so many of them. Typical cost is over $100.00 and is totally preventable.Keep your washing machine working great

Well I hope that helps everyone. My philosophy is to try to stay out of your house as much as I can. Then when you do need me for your appliance repairs in Little Elm, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Allen, Lewisville, The Colony, Carrollton, Coppell and surrounding areas and you will

Save you appliances from getting hit by unneeded surges today – put our whole house surge protector this will save you money and time. 

Why your dishwasher isn’t cleaning your dishes

A Plus Certified Appliance-Why Your Dishwasher Isnt Cleaning Your Dishes-Nancy Baldwin-Flickr by UggBoyUggGirl

Dishwasher Service and Repair

My Dishwasher is not getting my dishes squeaky clean.

Have you noticed your pots and glasses end up with a whitish film on them? I can tell you why that happens, and it’s not the fault of the dishwasher. I’m going to bet you’ve recently changed to a new dishwashing detergent, probably a liquid gel.

 I recommend you use Cascade Complete All-in-1 ActionPacs or Finish tablets. Using pre-measured detergent prevents over use of soap.

Here’s the important point. Rather than putting the detergent in the dispenser, place it in the bottom of the dishwasher.

Here’s why – the cleaning cycle is most effective when the abrasion (the soap) comes at the beginning. This way the detergent will aggressively go after the food, and any remaining pieces will get scraped off the dishes immediately.

Then the steaming hot water can sanitize the dishes, disinfecting them completely.

Be sure and rinse the food off your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. There are very few dishwashers that can actually tolerate a lot of food “disposal” over an extended period of time. The food will “gunk” up the inner workings of the dishwasher and you’ll be calling the repairman out. I’ll be sure and let my banker know to be prepared for more deposits if you choose to bypass this piece of advice.

Here’s another tip: Make sure the water at your kitchen sink tap is hot before you start you dishwasher. The same length of time that it takes for the water to get hot at the sink will be the same time frame for the hot water to reach your dishwasher. If you don’t, you will be washing your dishes with cold water.

Also, the next time you run your dishwasher, put a half-filled cup of white vinegar upright on the top rack.

Do this again for a few more loads and after that, once a month. The vinegar will get rid of white film, clean the machine, and help the washer work more efficiently.

It also helps to load the dishwasher correctly. Put glasses along the sides of the upper rack with small cups, plates, bowls and plastic items in the middle. Larger dishes and pots belong on the bottom rack, where the spray jet is strongest, and flatware goes in the utensil basket.

Try not to “nest” your dishes. Water won’t be able to reach the entire surface, and they won’t get clean.

If your dishwasher still isn’t cleaning your dishes, give me a call. Tyler Adkins 972-890-5014.

Computers in Appliances are at risk…

15 computers in appliances in 10 days! Appliances need surge protectors! Whirlpool washers & dryers, Bosch dishwashers, GE refrigerators, Maytag ovens, Kenmore ranges they all need surge protectors on them.

Almost everyone knows to put surge protection on their computers, most folks know to put it on their TVs and less than 1% know to put surge protection on their appliances.

A couple of pointers about surge protectors:

1) Most surge protectors at the retailers lose their ability to protect after about a year. This is because they “absorb” the surge. Our surge protectors redirect the surge to ground and therefore don’t wear out and that is why we can offer a lifetime warranty on the equipment. Check it out. We do also offer point of use surge protectors – the ones you plug into the wall to protect your TVs and computers.

2) Had a customer in Frisco, TX that had a lightning strike in his back yard. He had our whole house surge protector, but failed to run his Samsung TV signal, internet signal and telephone line through the surge protectors. This is very important! The transient voltage came in through those sources, made a u-turn through his equipment and into the electrical system, bypassing our whole house surge protector and caused over $3000.00 worth of damage. Don’t forget to run your TV signal, internet signal and telephone line through the surge protectors. Also, if you buy from the retail store, you need to replace them every year. Hint – Buy them from us and never buy them again.

3) Our connected equipment warranty does not extend to TVs, computers, garage door openers and wireless routers. Why not? Transient voltage in the air from a close lightning strike can attack through a wireless signal, TV signal, Internet signal, & telephone line (ex. Coax cable, DSL, etc.). This means you should turn off your laptops and wireless routers in a thunderstorm. Don’t just unplug your laptop, turn it off!

4) I’ve had several people tell me in the last couple of weeks that they have home warranties and that protects them if a circuit board in an appliance fails. The fallacy in that lies in a lack of understanding regarding what no surge protection leaves you open to. “Dirty” electricity is a fact of life. Unless you “clean” it up, it beats on everything that is electric, from light bulbs, to motors and compressors, to circuit boards in appliances. These items will fail prematurely if you don’t protect them with “clean” electricity.  In addition, we need to factor in that home warranties don’t reimburse the cost of losing food when your refrigerator breaks down, and most don’t pay the whole cost of replacing your equipment because what is in your house is not what is available today.

5) The ONLY way you can protect an electric dryer, electric oven or range, your AC unit, your hot water heater, many dishwashers, your electronic control for your AC and your electronic control for your security system is with a whole house surge protector. These items are either 220V or hard wired and there is no “plug in” solution.

Well hope that helps and let us know if we can help you with protecting your computers in your appliances.

How to help your refrigerator survive the summer months.

Summer is the one time of year I see more refrigerators break than any other time.

I have clients ask me all the time, what can I do to help my fridge last another summer with out replacing it? Here in Dallas with our hot and humid weather it can be very damaging to refrigerators in the house and in the garage.  I have seen days where all I work on in refrigerators that have been affected to over use and hot weather.  It can be discouraging to think my clients are spending big money on buying new refrigerators and I personally want to make them last as long as possible.

Warmer weather, more people in the house for longer hours contribute to refrigerators working overtime.summer refrigerator repair

Here are some things you my neighbors clients friends and family can do to help your refrigerator out last another brutally hot summer.

1) Close the refrigerator door as soon as your done. Don’t leave it open and open as few times as possible.  Every time the door is opened, cold air escapes and the refrigerator or freezer works overtime to replace it.

2) Change the water filter on schedule, and keep it up. Old filters can restrict water flow or even burst creating a serious flood in your house.

3) Place your refrigerator in a coolest location possible. Refrigerators in garages, especially in Texas are very susceptible to compressors having “heart attacks”. Be sure there is plenty of room behind the refrigerator and you can even buy a small 8″-10″ fan and place it to blow behind the frig at the bottom to help the dissipation of heat.

4) Keep hot food or liquids out of your refrigerator until they are cooled off.  Any hot item that goes into your refrigerator will make your compressor work twice as hard which will lower the life expectancy of the appliance.  A refrigerator works by removing the heat which makes it cold.

5) Keep everything covered in both the freezer side and frig side. Uncovered food can create “food dust” that circulates into the freezer compartment and can clog the defrost drain. A sure sign that your defrost drain is clogged is ice on the floor of the freezer and/or water “leaking” out onto the floor in front of the freezer.

6) Keep the freezer full. This uses less electricity to maintain the desired temperature. Don’t pack food tight. For efficient cooling and freezing, air must be able to flow between items.

7) Check your door seals. Worn door seals let cold air seep out. To test for worn seals, simply close the door on a dollar bill. If there is no resistance when you pull it out, the seals should be replaced.

8) The ideal temperature for a refrigerator is 38 degrees Fahrenheit, and the ideal for the freezer is 0 – 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

9) If you know how to clean the lint and dust off of your condenser then do it. If not call me and I will teach you or come and do it for you. It is one of the main reasons I offer my Service Plan, so you don’t have to worry about it. Homes that have animals are especially susceptible to hair collecting on the condenser. This one tip can save you $10 – $40 per month on your electric bill as the compressor has to work much harder to dissipate the heat when the airflow over the condenser is limited. Also, this can help prevent your compressor from failing – by far the most expensive repair on a refrigerator.

10) Please, please, please… put surge protection on your equipment. If you were my brother or sister I would twist your arm and make you do it. It really is that important! Of course you can check my Whole House Surge Protector and protect the whole house.

Preventative care will save you money and time this includes taking care of your appliances.


Dishwasher not cleaning anymore?

I often get  calls similar to this client:  Over the past several weeks-months, have been getting a whitish film/deposit on pots, tops of some plastic cups, etc. You don’t really see it on plates.

Typically this is caused when someone switches detergent usually to a liquid gel. It is almost always because we use too much soap.

One of my most appreciated recommendations follows:

My suggestion is to throw the liquid away and use the Cascade Complete or Finish tablets. Place one in the bottom of the dishwasher. Do not put them in the dispenser.

The reason for this is you want the soap (abrasive) at the front end of the cleaning process so that the last little bit of food that is left on the dishes  (I’m assuming you are rinsing your dishes) is blasted off and then the dishwasher can “sanitize” the dishes with water that is too hot for you to handle. That is the real purpose of a dishwasher.

Keep in mind that if you rinse your dishes well before placing them in the dishwasher you can probably use the shortest cycle and save quite a bit of money on electricity and water over the course of a year.

Also, take a coffee cup and fill it half way with white vinegar and place it upright in the top rack with your next load of dishes. Do this for the next several loads and then once per month for as long as you own and use a dishwasher.