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Protect Your Home From Lightning

Lightning is a force of nature that can take out all of your appliances in one strike if you do not prepare for it. 

Lightning is a normal part of life in North Texas, we see it every spring and often other seasons as well.  You never know when it will be here and what the damage happen when it's gone.

This last week I got a call from a very sweet lady who was seriously affected by a storm that can though the North Dallas area.   She called me in tears from the results of the storm it took out here pool equipment her air conditioner and some of her appliances were acting up.  She told me she had already spent over $10,000 on replacing things the lighting strike took out.  But there is a better way, we can all protect our homes from lightning strikes, dirty electricity and surges not just some of the time but all the time.  It breaks my heart when I hear these stories! I want to shout it from the rooftops - you can protect your electronics! You don't have to leave your appliances vulnerable to storms and electricity  mad! 

If you look at any new appliances that are at the store it will be filled with computer boards, electronics and things that do not like lightning strikes.  But you can take specific actions to protect your appliances before the storms arrive. 

4 Things To Do Before The Storms Arrive - Protect Your Home

  1. Protect your appliances and home with a whole house surge protector - the reason we offer this is because it helps us protect the appliances of beloved clients.  Our job is to keep our clients working great without repairs for as much as possible.  We want you to protect your home before the storm arrives. 
  2. Protect your home at all entrances of a phone line, television line, and internet line- Any place where these types of connections enter your home give a lightning strike a small chance of entering your home.  With the newer refrigerators that have internet connections attached to them, it would be a good idea to shore up the connection with a surge protector for that specifically. 
  3. Have a backup generator on hand for those times when we lose electricity for hours or days - In Texas after a storm as you know we can have city-wide brown outs.  These, of course, are not by anyone persons' choice, it's simply because the electricity lines have been disrupted or knocked down and have to be put back up.  Having a generator will not just protect your appliances but  keep your  working and keep your family comfortable. 
  4. Protect Your Appliances with The A+ Service & Maintenance Program - Maintain your appliances and protect them from outages. 
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